What I Do


J Nichols Fitness specializes in In-Home, On-site, and Outdoor personal training. They bring the workouts to you, no expensive gym memberships or equipment are necessary. Avoid the traffic and crowded gyms, instead enjoy a dynamic workout from the comfort of your home. Do not let working out interfere with your daily routine, let it be integrated into it. J Nichols Fitness brings their vast knowledge and creative exercises to you for “The Best Thirty Minutes of Your Day!”

Benefits of Continuous Exercise Progression Programs with Jason:

  • Always change your workouts to encourage constant progression in your fitness levels.
  • Engage several muscle groups at once for maximum challenge is least amount of time.
  • More calories burned with short, high-intensity workouts than with longer, lower-intensity aerobic workouts.
  • Eliminate boredom due to the diversity of your exercises.
  • Your time expenditure is thirty minutes – Jason plans the progressive workouts for you!